People of Nashville

The Great Commission commands us to go and make disciples of all nations. The Greek word for nations here is ethne -  meaning people group. God wants to see all people groups represented in eternity with Him.

God has brought people groups to us here in the Nashville area. Below are just a few of the people groups that have become our neighbors.  If your church is interested in the process of adopting and engaging a people group here are some things that you as a church can do.


1. Do an in-depth study of your selected people group. Learn their customs, cultures and beliefs. You may contact Church Planter/People Group Specialist Lewis McMullen, or Executive Director Rusty Sumrall and we can assist you in developing  resources for this study.

2. Do a cultural emersion trip with your people group. Shop where they shop, eat where they eat and visit their places of worship. The Nashville Baptist Association office can assist your church in doing this.

3. Begin to pray for your people group. Pray for the people and pray for individuals that you know within that people group. Pray for their needs especially their need for Christ. Prayer walk the areas in which your people group live, work and play.

4. Find opportunities to volunteer with your people group.  Look at some of the physical needs of the  people group and go about meeting those needs.

5. Work on building trust and developing genuine relationships.  Learn their language.  Develop an      understanding of their culture and beliefs.

6. Look for opportunities to help your people group adjust to live in the United States. Consider providing ESL classes for adults or after school tutoring for children.

7. As time progresses in your relationships with the people group, look for ways to integrate your faith into this process.  In sharing about yourself your faith should be a natural part of the conversation.  As you conduct an ESL class or tutoring, think about using Christian materials that are in English and their native language.

8. Be patient and pray continually. Remember, this is a process. It takes time.  Not in your time but God’s time.

People Groups of Nashville

1. Hindi

2. Telegu

3. Gujarati

4. Tamil

5. Chin Haka

6. Zomi

7. Karen

8. Kachin

9. Mon

10. Nepali

11. Bhutanese

12. Mexican: we have identified several different Indian dialects among this group

13. Guatemalan

14. Sorani

15. Bodeni

16. Kurdish

17. Egyptian

18. Coptic Egyptians: They are Orthodox but believe in works salvation

19. Somali

20. Somali Bantu

21. Laotian

22. Vietnamese

23. Salvadorian

24. Japanese

25. Korean

26. Nigerian

27. Honduran

28. Russian

29. Chinese Mandarin

30. Chinese Cantonese Mainland

31. Chinese Han Mainland

32. Hong Kong

33. Columbian

34. Haitian

35. Ukrainian

36. Romanian

37. Armenian

38. Cambodian

39. Filipino

40. Bosniks

41. Saudi Arabian

42. German

43. Congolese Swahili

44. Iranian

45. Russian Jews

46. Dinka

47. Urdu

48. Deaf

49. French Canadian

50. Tajik

51. Kunama

52. Burundian

53. Liberians

54. Malaysians

55. Ethiopian: Amharic

56. Guyanans

57. Bengali

58. Bosnian

59. Czech

60. Guyana

61. Italian

62. Lebanese

63. Trinidad and Tobago

64. Dutch Speaking: Netherlands and  Indies Islands

65. South African: Afrikaans, English and Dutch Speaking

66. Puerto Rican

67. Cuban

68. Argentinean

69. Nicaraguan

70. Venezuelan

71. Serbian

72. Punjabi

73. Karenni (Red Karen)

74. Zanniat Chin

75. Ngwan Chin

76. Asho Chin

77. Tiddin Chin

78. Daii Chin

79. Chuj

80. Pocomchi

81. Brazilian

82. Anatolian Turks

83. Tagalog.

84. Hmong

85. Ibo

86. Twi

87. Yoruba

88. Lithuanian

89. Sierra Leone


*If you have any information on additional people groups in the Nashville area please let us know at*