NBA Event Equipment

We have resources available for NBA churches to use for events! There is a small cost to help with upkeep.
An event is a time-period defined as three consecutive business days with pick up on day 1 and return on day 3; or one weekend with pick up on Friday and return on Monday.
Deposits should be sent or brought to the NBA office when the resource is reserved - it will be refunded upon item return. Rental fee is due when the item is picked up.
If items are not returned as scheduled, you will be charged $25 per day late charge. These resources are often scheduled to go out to other churches, sometimes on the same date they are returned. If you are late returning a resource, you may be affecting another church's event/ministry.
Reservations are done on a first come first serve basis.
Ministry Resource Trailer
includes all following items:
  • Bouncy House (13' x 13'; 2 blowers)
  • Popcorn Machine (machine & scoop)
  • 2 - 10 by 10 Canopies
  • Cotton Candy Maker (machine & bowl)
  • 3 Tables, 6 Chairs
  • Snow Cone Machine (machine & scoop)
  • Sound System, (2 speaker stands)