Funding Request


How to Request Funding from the NBA Teams

Purpose of Resourcing:   
To assist, resource, and network with partnering NBA churches as they move forward in fulfilling their God given vision of reaching people for Christ.
Guidelines for Receiving Resourcing from the NBA:
  • Resources will only be granted to NBA churches.
  • Resources will be granted for local projects only.
  • Churches must demonstrate how this activity, training, or event will move them forward with their vision.
  • Requests must be made no later than 60 days before a specific project. The church will be contacted no later than 30 days after the original request is made.
  • The NBA teams meet monthly, or as needed, to review requests. Each team has a budgeted amount of resourcing funds that will be used to meet requests.
  • The amount the NBA team grants to the church will be according to the need determined by the strategy and budget for the project, training, or activity.
  • NBA cannot provide more than 1/3 the total amount of funds needed for any activity, training, or event.
  • Church will provide a follow up form to the appropriate NBA team 14 days after the project. A report form will be provided at the time the funds are issued.
  • If funds granted for a project are not used for that project, they will be returned to the NBA.

To request financial resourcing from the NBA Teams, please us the request form below. After the event, please submit a follow up form.


Click Here for a copy of the request form.