Churches Planting Churches

When:  March 17th-19th 2014

Where: Judson Baptist Church, Nashville, TN.

Cost: $30.00

Many pastors and church leaders desire to reproduce churches through starting new churches. Often there seem to be more questions than answers on how to accomplish this task. Many would love to have a guide that would assist their congregation in making this church planting dream a reality.

Part of the Send North America strategy of the North American Mission Board and the goal of the Nashville Baptist Association is to help churches find answers to planting healthy churches. To help accomplish this we have partnered with the training network, Dynamic Church Planting International (DCPI), to offer “Churches Planting Churches” Training (CPCT).

This is a  biblically-based, practical resource. The 2.5-day event is a “workshop” for planting new churches, not a conference. You will actually work with your team to complete an implementation assignment before you leave the CPCT.

When the training has concluded, you will be able to…

· Answer fears and objections to starting a new church

· Begin to envision what God may do through you and your  congregation

· Implement a six-step process to successfully plant new churches

· Determine the involvement of the sponsor church

· Develop a timeline for the new church

· Overcome common barriers in the new work


For More Information or to register: Contact the NBA office at 615-259-3034 or email