2013 Strategy Plan


Middle Tennessee alliance of Baptist churches strategically advancing the kingdom of God.


Mission Statement:

Our mission is to strategically advance the kingdom of God by networking and resourcing churches in their unique context.


Core Values:

Cultural Relevance: Understanding the cultural context of the people groups around us.

Unity: Working together for a common purpose.

Participation: Accomplishing together what we cannot do individually.

Church Leadership Development: Training church leaders.

Customization: Addressing the needs of individual churches.

Innovation: Willing to change to address needs.


Top Priorities

1) Strengthen the relationship of churches with the NBA and to one another.                    

2) Continue our emphasis to target language groups with the purpose of ministry and church planting.       

3) Develop lay leaders in the NBA churches while also increasing the skills of ministerial staff.                

4) Resource churches to better reach the multiple generations within their ministry fields.


Recommendations from Strategy Team

1. That the Nashville Baptist Association adopt the new vision, mission statement, core values, and the four    priorities.

2. That the territory of the NBA be divided into zones (ministry areas) to more effectively reach more people with the gospel.

· Take one year to transition to the zone ministry; the first six months to develop zones and next six to begin a pilot in at least two zones.


· The Transition Team will develop a timeline to move the process to completion in one year, and make quarterly reports to the Admin Team on their progress.


· Rusty will engage a coach to help coach him through the process.  The coaching fee will be paid from the zone budget.


· Suggested zones:

            Eastern Region Murfreesboro Road Corridor

            Northern Region          Nolensville Road Corridor

            Western Region           Williamson County

            Central Region Language Churches


· Strategy Team suggests having an equal number of churches in each zone.