About Us

How It All Began in 1900
Over one hundred years ago, the pastors of thirteen churches in and around the city of Nashville were challenged by the evangelism, missions, and special needs of this growing area in Middle Tennessee.  Their churches were individually determining ways to meet the challenges, but in May and June of 1900, the Lord was moving them towards a new relationship with one another! It was becoming increasingly obvious that together they would be able to accomplish much more than they were able to do separately. The idea for a new Baptist association was born. Meetings were held, a constitution was adopted, and on October 26, 1900, the new association was named Nashville Baptist Association!


Where We Are In The 21st Century
Today, churches in and around the city of Nashville are still challenged by evangelism, missions, and special needs of this growing area in Middle Tennessee. It is over one hundred years later and it is still true that churches together can accomplish so much more than individual churches are able to do separately.

Over the last few years, the ethnic population of Nashville has grown to include 70 different people groups, many of whom have yet to hear the gospel.  We no longer have to go overseas to reach the world – the world has come to us, and it is our vision to reach out and build relationships with these people in an effort to bring them to Christ.

We are excited about what God has shown us. We pray that you will partner with us as we resource churches and missions and God’s Kingdom work is advanced.

Our Defining Core Values
Accomplishing what one church cannot do alone. Working together to assist the church in accomplishing God’s mission.
Team Ministry
Functioning through empowered teams to discover and provide resources for churches to accomplish their mission of God.
Servant Leadership/Mentoring
As leaders are developed and strengthened, God’s Kingdom work is advanced.
Cultural Relevance
In order to plant effective churches and build up existing churches, we must understand our context and explore new and more effective methods and resources to assist the individual and diverse churches.
The Biblical mandate is to do all things with excellence, as we plan and implement the work of the association based on the missional needs of the churches.
Be open to receive as well as give information to one another – clearly. Only through effective communication can we work together as a team.
The Biblical model in Acts is to build up each other, raising infants to maturity, linking strengths with weaknesses. Stronger churches helping weaker churches.